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BAND UPDATE July-3-2013 Greetings Souled Out Fans!

· Thanks for reading the Band Update page!  As usual we’ve been busy.

· As time goes by the band gets tighter and tighter. We're very pleased with our line up and thankful Brevard County is taking notice. Our vocalist, Michele, and out Guitarist, Bob Venegas, have both been nominated for this years BMA awards. Regardless if the win the big prize or not, we're just happy these talented bandmates are getting the recognition they deserve.

· We have a Souled Out Facebook Page!   Check us out here

· We have been asked to help a local club establish a great place to go see dance bands on Friday nights. The County Line Saloon has decided to make a change for Friday nights and has invited us to be a part of it. It's a great place to perform and a great place to dance. The entire place is very large including the dance floor. They also have many other activities to participate with as well. Games, pool tables as well as other activities throughout the week. Stop in, have some fun!

· As usual, we need to extend a shout-out to Ed Guilbo – our sound technician. Ed has done a great job with the sound at our gigs – he even doubles as the band ambassador when someone walks up to the sound board and asks “Does this band play Freebird?” or “Tell this band to please turn up the volume*”.

· *OK, that NEVER happens. :-)

· Another well deserved Shout-Out to Mrs. Teresa Starr – Thank you for all that you have done keeping our fans and friends on Facebook informed!  Our Facebook Page is alive and kicking’ thanks to you.

· It looks as though the Souled Out Band has gotten through most of the harsh realities that end many bands. We have the most solid core in the band's history at this time and are ready to take full advantage of that. We have many song ideas and can't wait to bring them to you! It's all about having fun and we hope we can make you a part of it.

· Hope to see you all at the next gig!


We’ll see you out there!!

Souled Out

(Mike, Bob, Michele and Kerry)